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My own rise from being labeled a habitual offender to prominence deems me an expert on personal success. Born to teenage parents and ending up being adopted, I lived a life plagued with abuse, addiction and crime. With a criminal history, low self esteem and no one to guide me, I went to prison and developed my own method of recovery by redefining success. Through persistence and determination, I refused to allow my ex-offender status to define me. It drove me to rediscovering the extraordinary woman within. Using my past to fuel my passions, I became a published author, speaker and entrepreneur. The development of The Prison Break Success System©, which shows women how to get out of 'prison', came from my very own personal prison break. I work with professional women who struggle with life's setbacks and help them break free from their mental prison, so they can experience true freedom, spiritually, relationally, professionally and emotionally.

"If at first you don't succeed...redefine success"
Allison T. Moore

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  • I WAS...I AM

    How To Move Beyond Your Past To Create an Extraordinary Life" is no longer a dream.

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